About us

LIJMACADEMIE aims to develop and carry out training courses for the benefit of specific industrial sectors and individual companies, in addition to the further implementation of the personal qualification structure in the Netherlands and Flanders.
LIJMACADEMIE strives for cooperation between research centres, education, sector organisations and companies active in the distribution and processing of adhesives and adhesive-related products.
In doing so, LIJMACADEMIE undertakes all kinds of activities to promote the field. Presentations at symposia, participation in trade fairs and developing and supporting educational packages for primary and secondary schools.

Knowledge transfer on the industrial application of adhesive technology
In recent decades, adhesives have undergone strong development as a joining technique. However, knowledge around the industrial application of adhesive techniques is very fragmented. This was recognised some 30 years ago by a pioneer in the collection, further development and transfer of knowledge in adhesive technology; the German Fraunhofer IFAM. Thus, they took the initiative to develop a person qualification structure analogous to that for welding techniques.