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Designing a high-quality adhesive bond is a challenge. Adhesive selection and dimensioning can only be done on the basis of drawing up a sound Program of Requirements, followed by targeted tests that simulate the actual use situation as closely as possible.

The Lijmacademie laboratory is equipped with modern equipment to simulate accelerated ageing behaviour of adhesive bonds. This is followed up with destructive tests as standard. If these tests are carried out with different adhesive products and/or surface treatments of the adhesive parts, this results in an substantiated selection of the best system.

Lijmacademie investigates the most diverse adhesive applications; from tape bonding and flexible adhesive bonds to the strongest epoxy. This is mostly done in adhesive selection issues, but also in the product validation phase, process validation, process control and damage expertise. All devices and instruments are calibrated once every two years according to the quality system used, so that the results of the tests are also valued in legal proceedings.

Ageing tests are usually performed as described in ISO 9142 and references to specific tests such as salt spray, Xenon UV weathering, immersion and combination tests. For making and testing specimens, Lijmacademie uses Teflon and aluminium from which subject-specific tools are made.

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