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Introduction of an adhesive process into a production environment should be well considered and carefully done. The development of positioning and clamping tools, mixing and dosing devices, QA/QC are topics in which Lijmacademie Prototyping & Assembly has a lot of experience.

The gluing process is a special process, as named in the usual quality systems. This means that at the end of the process, one cannot fully assess the result of the gluing process. However, it is possible to determine any defects in the adhesive bond non-destructively, but the strength, permissible deformation and durability of the adhesive bond cannot be measured. So one will have to ensure quality in the process itself.

Lijmacademie Prototyping & Assembly supports the client from the initial prototype and starter batches to the final set-up and certification of the adhesive process in production. The team maintains close relationships with many suppliers in tools, instruments and consumables and is advised by highly experienced industry specialists, including a certified auditor DIN6701 (EN 17460) & DIN 2304 (EN ISO 21368).

An orientation meeting is always possible. Be surprised by the professionalism and experience of the Lijmacademie team.

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