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Since 2012, Lijmacademie has been providing Glue Professional training. This level is mainly intended for company employees who regularly carry out gluing work based on work instructions, with or without direct supervision. Over the years, a training method has been developed, fully tailored to the target group, with optimal learning effect.

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Purpose of the training
The participants are trained in the use of adhesive techniques in an industrial production environment. The training provides a fundamental understanding of gluing technology, so that the special aspects of the gluing process are understood and taken into account during the performance of the gluing work. The relevant coherence and importance of work instructions will become clear. After successful completion of this training, the participants are able to carry out gluing work independently, as a true professional, in a technically responsible manner.

Duration of training and examination
The training is full-time and lasts 40 hours (1 week) including exam. To support the learning process, the theory is alternated with practical exercises. The training is concluded with a practical, written and oral exam.

Target group and conditions for participation
The target group includes employees of glue-processing or glue-producing companies, who independently carry out gluing work on the basis of (written) work instructions. Participants must have a good command of the English language, so that they understand the training material well and are also able to take the exams.


Basic concepts
The training starts with the treatment of basic concepts in gluing technology. Gluing will be compared with other joining techniques. The integrity of an adhesive bond is explained using the conceptual model of bonding forces. The factors influencing the quality of the adhesive bond are also explained. Participants build up knowledge about the fundamental aspects of the properties of adhesives and adhesive bonds.

Glue types
In this part of the training, participants are familiarized with the most important adhesive types used in the industry, as well as their properties and areas of application. Emphasis is placed on the importance of applying these different adhesive types correctly, under the correct curing conditions. These aspects are further substantiated by means of practical exercises.

Surface treatment
Correct surface treatment is of the utmost importance for a good and, in particular, durable adhesive bond. The training introduces surface techniques commonly performed by craftsmen as part of the adhesive bonding process. Practical experiments give the participants the necessary experience in the application of surface treatment techniques on different materials/adhesive parts. Special attention will be spent on the use of primers and adhesion promoters.

Measurement methods
During the practical glue test pieces are made, which are then tested on standard test equipment. Evaluation of the joint strength and failure behavior helps to get a feel for possible errors in the bonding process and their consequences. This information is an important addition to the theory.

Production technique Participants will be introduced to the fundamental aspects of both manual and automated gluing processes in a manufacturing environment. You also learn to recognize and prevent causes of errors.

learn the principles of recognizing potential hazards when working with adhesives and solvents used in industrial adhesive processes. The importance of using protective equipment and PBM’s is emphasized.

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