A very successful EAS Refresher 2023!

 During the first day of European Adhesive Specialist Refresher, the topics discussed included:

➙ Quality assurance development;

➙Circular bonding ;

➙ Rheology;

➙ Possibilities and developments UV adhesives;

➙ Practical UV adhesives;

➙ SMP in train construction;

Safety and REACH.

After an instructive and interesting day, we had a drink together, outside in the sunshine ☀️, to a successful first day! Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious dinner with the group of participants at hotel Van der Valk.

On the second day, participants were allowed to bring in their own topics. Topics discussed included:

➙ Adhesive application in bus construction;

➙ Adhesive knowledge by the organisation;

➙ Surface pre-treatment with laser.

All in all, a very successful European Adhesive Specialist Refresher 2023!