Training and advancement opportunity

Training / advancement opportunity!

In recent years, we have increasingly seen that those wishing to train as an EWF 662 European Adhesive Specialist start first with the EWF 515 European Adhesive Bonder course. An important reason is that people often want to complete the basic training together with the performing team first, and then continue with the second and third weeks of EAS training. This supports cooperation within the team and a better understanding of each other’s responsibilities regarding the application of adhesive techniques.

Another reason for choosing this sequence is for situations where the participant does not meet the EWF entry requirements for EAS training (minimum MBO4 technical diploma). By completing the EAB course first, one may still participate in the EAS course, regardless of prior education.

But of course, it could also be the case that you have acquired a taste for it after completing the EAB course and simply want to improve your skills in the field.

A prerequisite for EAB graduates is that they successfully complete the EAS entrance examination. In doing so, one can choose to either (Price free) participate in the first EAS week, or move on in the second EAS week.

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